Today you’ll have a recipe for avoiding your bad luck once and for all. Because you learn Stahnk’s positive energy recipe and take the lost strength, of course, in preparing this recipe you must have a lot of confidence, positive energy and confidence, so that you can accomplish miracles.
When should I do this?

If you find yourself with good luck, if you think everything is okay, even if it seems recently, you lose your energy and you are very tired, or you must charge your energy, because you are going to have a new project. Don’t wait any longer:

1 envelope from the street.
1 kg iodized salt
1 cinnamon bar
5 tablespoons sugar
Litre of water
5 tablespoons honey
Parsley 1 sprig
A few drops of kolon or personal perfume.

In the kitchen we boil a pint of water. When it boils, add a teaspoon to the street, then the cinnamon pod and parsley. When the time has elapsed for 4 minutes, take it out of the fire and stand up.

While mixing holidays, prepare a bath, where you take your right hand Hventan rough salt and 5 tablespoons of honey and 5 sugars and some perfumes personal perfumes that contain all this ingredient in a bath or jacuzzi.

You should expose yourself to the leak that left the kitchen, and leave the warm side of the bath or jacuzzi, and now, when you, in the bath, should stay for at least 15 minutes.

Once the time has passed, remove the plug from the tub or jacuzzi, and when it is empty, say your head and cinnamon your body completely. You have to fall from your head to your feet and study the East (you can help the compass), and feel that all the energy comes from the sun and light.

It is important

To perform this ritual, the best day is Friday, Saturday and Sunday. I assure you that if you do any of these days, you will get a great result.

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