Fungus, which are usually chronic, can not only become inflamed, but can also threaten our health and require proper treatment, so if you have yellow, green or brown arches, don’t wait any longer to try this remedy on your nails!

You should always diagnose your doctor that your nail brush has fungus, but if you think about it before, you can save some of the following methods.

There are natural remedies for treating foot fungus that can help eliminate it:

Tree Oil
This oil is effective for treating nail fungus and has no side effects. This oil should be of good quality and can be clean and without any additional ingredients.

Use it for the first time to wash your feet before using oil and warm water for 20 minutes. Dry well, then cut and do the nail to remove the damaged part. Then add a sterile cotton tea tree and use it on the nail bed and nail edges.

Apply the cotton. This maintains contact with the oil affected by the arch. It should be used for at least one hour and repeated twice a day. This treatment will continue until the fungus disappears.

Oregano oil contains the ideal properties for the treatment of infections caused by nail fungus. Its thick content gives it antibacterial and antibacterial properties. The extracted oil should take a few drops two or three times a day.
This is a powerful product, recommended for small applications for basic use.

Stove Your feet vinegar is a common household remedy for nail fungus. The reason is that vinegar reduces the growth of bacteria. Be prepared to mix one serving of vinegar and two parts of water. They should outgrow your feet in a 20-minute mixture. In case of irritation, treatment will take only twice a week or three times a week.


Garlic is known for its antibacterial and antifungal properties. Using them, you can wear a mask for 30 minutes. If the smell bothers us, there is also a scented garlic capsule for internal use that can help with this complication.

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