Water is the richest element in the body. 75% of body weight in newborns and between 50 and 60% in adults, the greater the number of males. In the article, the following video, he tells Jessica Iron, food specialist Alimenta, the symptoms and how to treat fluid retention through a diet conditioner system.

The water is distributed differently: on the one hand, there are cells inside the liquid and, on the other hand, the liquid outside the cell, which is outside the cells, which in turn divides the interstitial fluid, liquid to bathe the cells and liquid plasma that part of the blood.

The body contains systems to regulate and maintain the balance of water and solute levels in different parts, but when the balance is broken, it can cause what we call fluid retention. As a result, edem, the pathological increase in the volume of interstitial fluid, is created. This is a problem that makes women more women.

What are the symptoms?
Local inflammation: The ankles and eyelids are typical places where fluid accumulates. In this case local swelling. The skin is enlarged or unused and if you press your finger, there is an effect that will slowly disappear. These symptoms are very common at high temperatures during the summer season.

For example, regional swelling, for example, or general edema that affects the whole body.

What are the reasons?
There are many reasons why this can increase fluid:

Undesirable humidity.
Poor nutrition: due to the high consumption of foods rich in salt.
Spend long hours, sit or after a lifestyle for life.
Hormonal changes such as pregnancy or ovulation. Pregnancy: This is the stage in women where many hormonal changes occur, which can cause fluid retention.

Some medications such as estrogen and corticosteroids and nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs are blood pressure.
Diseases of the heart, liver and kidneys and thyroid.
Tips for avoiding fluid retention.
If you have fluid retention problems, I advise you to get the following tips:

Follow a varied and balanced diet.
It promotes potassium-rich foods, because metal regulates the body’s water level. These foods, among other things, zucchini, mushrooms, potatoes, legumes or fruits such as bananas and pineapples or apricots.

Moderate consumption of moderate consumption
Use a little salt to marinate dishes and avoid all foods rich in salt, such as frozen foods, cooked foods, potato chips, smoked foods, olives, cheeses, or sausages.

Staying Healthy
If you are overweight or obese, I advise you to spend weight on healthy weight with the help of food products.

Drink at least 2 liters of water daily for 3 months.
Storage fluids are important for proper hydration. Many people think that when there is fluid retention, the best water to drink is the opposite. Water helps cleanse the body to prevent toxins and restore the water balance, which we discussed earlier.
After active life
Do physical exercise or any activity you enjoy dancing, skiing, and swimming. Move and avoid the elevator. In the case of infusion, plants such as blueberry leaves or ginkgo can relieve the feeling of swelling and heavy legs.

All this will help to obtain a better blood flow and a good venous return.

Wear elastic stockings.
They are pressing on the blood vessels to correct the pressure.

You already know a little more about fluidity, Put tips on action, and if you want to be a dietitian, you can communicate with alimony. We are a team of professionals who want your help.

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