Vaseline has been used for skin since ancient times, but if you combine it with the handling of lemonade, a product for sexy skin. It eliminates the scalp and the time of young skin.

This mask will take you to remove dead skin, blackheads, spots and wrinkles, you or a porcelain complexion. Learn how to prepare this very trice mask.

Vaseline Mask
Over the years, the skin loses its elasticity because no one can produce certain nutrients such as collagen, so it is necessary to take vitamin supplements such as vitamin E, selenium and collagen. But you should also apply creams to treat your skin from the outside.

Here we will give you the most effective skin types to rejuvenate and give back to your face the freshness and flexibility of the skin with a 7 night mask.


1 tablespoon walnuts

1 tablespoon lemon juice

Preparation and Program:

All you need to do is mix with lemon juice and create a smooth paste. Then put it on your face and leave it overnight to absorb the nutrients from the mask. Repeat this procedure for 7 nights with the best results.

Generally, the main treatments are more effective and less harmful to the skin in the cosmetic market, so we recommend closing this mask. Dare to look younger on your skin, it’s time to indulge.

Be careful to use lemon gel
The following caution should be taken until this is decent. When suspicion is suspected in consultation, the physician advises.

Avoid using lemon peel if you have open wounds or lesions.
Vaseline can cause irritation and acne on the face, so its use is not recommended. If you notice any of these symptoms, stop treatment immediately.
Lemon can cause spots when skin is exposed to sunlight. Avoid any contact with the sun while you have lemon on your skin.
Under the influence of ultraviolet radiation, benzene increases skin sensitivity and can cause sunburn. Avoid the sun if you have Vaseline on your skin.
Before using lemon petroleum jelly cream, make sure there are no skin conditions. If you experience eczema, the disease is characterized by the appearance of red vesicles that produce a crust that covers something and expands by not using this cream.
Skin Care Tips
Here are some tips to keep your skin healthy and avoid blemishes or stretching.

Drink plenty of water and you will maintain your skin’s natural elasticity.
Avoid prolonged exposure to sunlight. Not only is the skin dry and can burn, it also causes damage to cells that can cause diseases such as cancer.
Use sunscreen and replacement when necessary. Especially on the face and other areas that may have been affected by the sun.
Peel your skin while bathing. Use natural products and make sure there are no very dry paint areas. The difference can disturb the tone.
Do not use personal hygiene items that contain alcohol. It can cause dehydration and break the skin.
Avoid leaning heavily on elbows, knees, and other skin areas. Pressure can be harmful to tissues.
Remember that the tools on these pages are for informational and educational purposes. Our site is not a substitute for professional medical advice for diagnosis or treatment.

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